ADAP.TV MARKETPLACETM Marketplace is the largest, safest and most diverse video ad marketplace
in the world. Adopted by leading global buyers and sellers, including 90% of the
Ad Age Top 100 Advertisers and 72% of the comScore Top 50 Web properties, Marketplace provides buyers and sellers with the highest quality source
of video ad inventory.


  • Provides brands, agencies, and trading desks with the largest source of
    publisher inventory to reach their audiences across devices.
  • Provides publishers, portals and ad networks with the largest source of
    video advertising supply to monetize their audiences.
  • Facilitates finite control and full transparency between buyers and sellers.
  • Provides integrated support for all third-party data and technologies.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple reach partners and duplication.

PLATFORM COMPONENTS Marketplace supports a wide range of devices, programmatic transaction model and media sources including:

  • Global digital ad inventory supporting 4.3 billion ads monthly for desktop,
    mobile, tablet, and connected TV devices.
  • Transaction models including preferred deals, spots and real-time bidding
    (RTB), second price auctions, etc.
  • Media sources including premium reserved, premium non-reserved
    (public exchanges).
  • Linear TV Marketplace for delivering TV campaigns to 90 million US households.

Seven Questions

You should ask your media partners about video ad inventory quality.
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Advertising Assurance

Advertising Assurance from,
a comprehensive program to deliver industry-leading video ad safety
and quality.
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