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TV and video are merging. A new media landscape is being
created everyday, and it isn't waiting for you.

Take control of your video advertising business with Pathway™. Our machine-learning based platform processes billions of impressions every month and gets smarter with every transaction. Whether it’s web, mobile, or connected TV – everything can be easily configured to work across all screens, with all technologies. Make adjustments in real-time, anticipate, adapt. To learn more, contact us >

The Benefits
  • Plan, buy, sell, and measure video in a multi-screen world from a single interface.

  • Maintain total control and transparency with every partner and every transaction.

  • Buy and sell the way you want to - RTB, spot or upfront. Make transactions that are automated and seamless.

  • Discover and implement the most powerful ad technologies in the industry through the App Center - the first-of-its-kind for brand advertising.

1 in every 7 video ads is bought and sold through Audience Path™

Connect to your audiences with precision and scale. Demand Path™

Capture more revenue from every video transaction.