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Solutions for Agencies

Our programmatic solution is a more effective way to reach your audience in a way that adapts precisely to your goals. Hit your numbers without getting hit by surprises. And do it all with a managed service that comes with in-depth audience insights and expertise.
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The Benefits
  • Real-time insight into pricing and performance. Understand the impact of every campaign before the first impression even runs.

  • Buy your TV audiences online. Drive fresh reach, while balancing the frequency of ads across platforms.

  • Brand-safety that runs deep. Each site is pre-screened. All content is monitored in and around every video to ensure ads are guarded against any objectionable content.

  • Know exactly where and how every ad appears online, from page placement to video player type.

  • Get in-depth insights into how the campaign is delivering and performing, such as which audiences it's reaching, what's working and what's not. Audience Path™ for Agencies

Connect to your audiences with precision and scale. Marketplace for Agencies

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