Audience Path™

Audience Path™ is the platform of choice for the world’s largest video advertising brands, agencies and trading desks. It empowers buyers to leverage custom audience segments, reach target audiences across devices, optimize to meet campaign objectives and access actionable insights.

The Benefits

Audience Designer™

Activate 1st and 3rd party data to create custom audience segments that maximize campaign effectiveness.

Forecast the availability and inventory price that will reach your customer audiences across all media sources.

Audience Planner™

Create media plans that reach your target audience across any media sources, devices and buying channels.

Estimate campaign performance, including engagement and completion rate, before you buy a single impression.

Audience Optimizer™

Buy targeted audiences in real time across inventory sources using 1st and 3rd party audience data.

Optimize campaigns in real time at the impression level to deliver campaign metrics at the desired budget.

Audience Impact™

Get unified measurement of reach and frequency across your entire campaign; compare campaign tactics by audience segment, media source and creative.

Access post-campaign reports to show how targeting strategies impacted sales and brand lift.