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The Benefits
  • Grow revenues in a way that complements your direct sales team.

  • Get 100% transparent connections with your agency buyers without going through a middleman.

  • A smart, low-risk way to engage in automated bidding environments.

Key Features
  • Powerful Control Panel

    Because you maintain the interface your buyers use, you control the selling process in every way, including the ability to set floor prices for each type of inventory unit, review and approve ads, set frequency capping, prevent data leakage and more.

  • Pre-enabled Demand

    In addition to integrating your existing customers, will “pre-load” a set of priority demand buyers from the Marketplace, the world’s largest source of video inventory for brand name advertisers.

  • Proven Buyer Functionality

    For an exchange to be successful, both buyers and sellers need great tools. As the creator of the largest public marketplace, provides the most advanced, proven tools and gives your buyers everything they need to succeed.

  • Alignment with OCR and vCE

    We’ve developed best-in-class solutions with Nielsen® and comScore® so you can better understand in-target audience delivery as it relates to your inventory.

  • Easy to Get Up and Running

    The Private Marketplace complements your existing system. There is no need to replace your current ad serving technology or change your ad workflow process. Just run a VAST tag.